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The Hydropower Potential of Ethiopia
Ethiopia has a vast hydropower potential, which is estimated to be about 30,000 - 45,000 MW. So far very little percentage (less than 10%) of the vast potential has been harnessed. In order to develop this vast potential of power several projects have been initiated to generate more and more hydroelectric power. Some 300 hydropower plant sites in the whole eight river basins of the country with a total technical power potential of 159,300 Gwh/year have been identified. Out of these potential sites, 102 are large scale (more than 60 MW) and the rest are small (less than 40 MW) and medium scale (40-60 MW) hydropower plant sites
1 million megawatt Wind Power Potential
land area suitable for grid based wind electricity generation in Ethiopia is estimated to be about 20,000 square kilometers.In terms of generation capacity; the study estimates the total national potential for grid based wind electricity system to be about 100 GW 11 potential wind farm sites were identified in Ethiopia. Ashegoda is the second windiest place in Ethiopia next to Adama (Nazreth), with an average annual wind speed of 8.5 m/s and 9.4 m/s, respectively, at a height of 40m above ground level.
Ethiopia could possibly generate more than 1000 MWe of electric power from geothermal resources alone
Ethiopia is among the few countries in Africa with a significant amount of geothermal resources. These resources are found scattered throughout the Ethiopian Rift valley and in the Afar Depression, which are both part of the Great East African Rift System.Ethiopia could possibly generate more than 1000 MWe of electric power from geothermal resources alone.
Ethiopia has annual total solar energy reserve of 2.199 millionTWh/annum
Ethiopia has a huge solar power potential, especially in the western and eastern lowlands, which receive a high density of irradiation. Ethiopia’s solar market is still at an early development stage with an estimated installed capacity of just 5 MW. Demand is especially high in off-grid areas which constitute 80% of the country, according to the GIZ study, GTA notes.

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